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Music can boost love life





If your love life has fizzled out lately, then it’s time to put on your favorite music and get in the mood this Valentine’s Day. It seems the old wives’ tale really is true; certain songs to make you want to have sex and it’s all because they boost the connection you feel with your partner. A study conducted by neuroscientist Dr. Daniel J. Levitin for smart speaker manufacturer Sonos has concluded that music helps us feel physically and emotionally closer to that special person – leading to a more active love life.


During the research, entitled Music Makes It Home, 30,000 music fans all over the world were quizzed on how tunes impact their lives. Of those taking part in the survey, couples were 67 percent more likely to have sex when music was playing, and an impressive 86 percent of participants said their mood was enhanced by the right tunes.


The homes of 30 families were then observed to see how behavior changed when certain music was playing. During week one, participants were not allowed to listen to any music out loud, while in week two they could listen to songs as loud as they liked whenever they wanted.


The study showed that people were generally far happier when they could share the music they like with others, with 15 percent more laughter recorded, as well as a 16 percent boost in mood and 25 percent of individuals, feeling more inspired. Playing music in the home also led to people spending more time together – an average of three hours and 13 minutes more per week. Parents included in the experiment found that they were 37 per cent more likely to spend alone time together in the bedroom when music was on. In addition, 33 percent of couples were more likely to spend time making dinner together, and 12 percent got closer in proximity.


“The truth is people may be sharing a home but they’re not sharing much else,” Dr. Levitin explained in a video released by Sonos. “Schedules, stresses, personal devices make people feel disconnected from one another.”


The words ‘I love you’ were also more likely to be uttered in households where music was played out loud for everyone to enjoy. So blare your favorite love songs this weekend and enjoy some quality time with that special person in your life!

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